Sharing Economy

Airbnb launches 'Airbnb Trips,' its new experience-sharing service

John MacDougall | Getty Images

Airbnb announced a new product on Thursday, which CEO Brian Chesky said is the future of his company, Vanity Fair first reported.

Airbnb Trips launched in November and "offers travelers a series of excursions and adventures. The move pushes Airbnb well past its couch-surfing origins," Vanity Fair said.

The first batch of Airbnb Trips, the publication reports, will include lessons from a samurai master in Japan, training with long-distance runners in Kenya, and surfing with a local pro in Malibu, California.

The company's chief executive has spent two years developing the idea, which could grow to eventually allow individuals to sell all sorts of services and ultimately even put it in competition with other sharing economy services, such as Uber or Lyft.

"If we don't grow past what we originally invented, what led to your success leads to your death," Chesky told the magazine.

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