Expect Donald Trump to sharpen message on American auto industry, Cramer says

A 'Made In USA' sticker is seen on the assembly line at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., on Friday, Sept. 30, 2016.
Luke Sharrett | Bloomberg | Getty Images

CNBC's Jim Cramer said Friday that President-elect Donald Trump will fine-tune his message to stop American automakers from outsourcing jobs to Mexico.

"I think you will hear Trump talking about companies that are going to build plants in Mexico and how that might be an unwise and ill-advised situation ... versus putting them say where they could in the United States make quality cars with the implication that there could be a tariff on cars ... new cars that are made in Mexico," said Cramer on "Squawk on the Street."

The president-elect late on Thursday tweeted that he received a call from Ford Motor Executive Chairman Bill Ford, who said the company will continue to produce its Lincoln MKC at a plant in Kentucky rather than in Mexico.

In another post, Trump wrote, "I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!"

The automaker later confirmed Trump's tweets about the plant.

"We are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States," Ford said in a statement.

Trump has criticized the automaker in the past about its investments in Mexico. Last year, Trump took credit for Ford moving work from Mexico to Ohio although Ford had already made that decision in 2011. Ford has also repeatedly said it had no plans to close any U.S. plants.

—Reuters contributed to this report.