Merkel's 'days are numbered', warns France's Le Pen

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's "days are numbered," according to the leader of France's right-wing National Front party, Marine Le Pen.

Merkel confirmed on Sunday she would run for a fourth term in 2017, however, Le Pen says the German leader does not fit the mood of the times. Speaking to CNBC on Monday, the National Front's presidential candidate claims Merkel is isolated given she represents the status quo while the pace of change in Europe is accelerating.

"Angela Merkel is a force of inertia. She's the one who wants nothing to change, and for European countries to continue to submit to the same remedies that are actually killing them. Today Mrs Merkel is very isolated. Those who defend her vision are very isolated with her," she said.

Justin Solomon | CNBC

Turning to another international relationship, Le Pen said it would be natural for France to retain relations with Russia given the close history of the two countries.

Arguing she sees no reason why we cannot live in a multi-polar world, she lambasted the U.S. for taking the world into the Cold War, saying it put France and Europe at great risk, given they were caught in the middle.

"The Cold War, which was brought on by the Americans against Russia is a great danger to world peace ... I think that the United States and Russia, as well as a whole series of other countries, France included, can perfectly well maintain peaceful and balanced relations, without creating conflicts - conflicts which are objectively artificial," she said.

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