Trump outlines policy goals in first major public comments since election

Trump lays out an expansive Day 1 to-do list

Donald Trump made his first major public remarks Monday since his surprising electoral victory.

In a video created and distributed by the president-elect's transition team, Trump reiterated many of his policy pledges previously made on the campaign trail. The video was pre-taped and the statement was not made in an event open to the press.

Trump said he has asked his transition team "to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs."

Here is an outline of Trump's goals:

  • Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Cancel restrictions on American energy
  • Reduce regulations
  • Protect American infrastructure
  • Investigate possible abuses of visa programs
  • Impose a five-year ban on lobbying by government officials after they leave office