May’s ‘say nothing’ Brexit stance won’t keep cabinet together: warns Scotland’s First Minister

Britain's prime minister has chosen to "say nothing" on the upcoming Brexit negotiations to avoid upsetting certain cabinet members, Scotland's First Minister told CNBC Tuesday.

However, such a stance won't allow her to overcome the divisions within the government.

The divisions within the British government over the shape of a future relationship with the European Union are clear.

Some cabinet members, such as Boris Johnson and David Davis, defend a "hard Brexit" approach, meaning that British businesses would lose access to the EU's single market. But others are concerned over the economic impact that such a decision would have on the British economy.

The UK is in uncharted territory: Nicola Sturgeon

"There is a sense of the Prime Minister feeling, if she goes one way she will upset some people and, if she goes the other way she will upset other people," Nicola Sturgeon told CNBC on the sidelines of a conference in Scotland.

"So by saying nothing at the moment she is managing to keep everybody within the team, but that's not a position that can hold for very much longer," Surgeon added.

Some Brexiteers raised concerns this week after Prime Minister Theresa May suggested that a "transitional deal" could be put in place, which could derail the U.K.'s departure from the EU, the Independent reported.

The divisions within the government are preventing it from presenting a clear Brexit plan, something that is upsetting officials and businesses in Europe and beyond.

"I don't think it yet has a clear idea, or perhaps any idea of what it wants to achieve through Brexit negotiations," Surgeon said.

Have to see the reality of President Trump: Nicola Sturgeon

Commenting on the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President, Surgeon, who wants independence but supports Scotland's involvement with the EU, said that international leaders need to accept the result and work together.

"We all have to wait and see what the reality of President Trump is. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I hope the reality of president Trump is different the candidate Trump we saw," Sturgeon added.

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