Jill Stein reaches $2.5 million funding goal to request a recount in Wisconsin

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein
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Supporters for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein have raised enough money to request a recount in the key swing state of Wisconsin, her campaign website announced on Thursday morning.

"Congratulations on meeting the recount costs for Wisconsin," the website said. "Raising money to pay for the first round so quickly is a miraculous feat and a tribute to the power of grassroots organizing." Wisconsin was a key battleground for President-elect Donald Trump in his victory in the U.S. presidential elections on November 8.

Stein's campaign, which has now reached its first goal of $2.5 million out of a total target of $4.5 million, also wants to request recounts in two other states where voting anomalies have been alleged: Pennsylvania and Michigan.

While no specific evidence of fraud or irregularity has been cited, the campaign has highlighted reported hacks into voter and party databases.

"After a divisive and painful presidential race, in which foreign agents hacked into party databases, private email servers, and voter databases in certain states, many Americans are wondering if our election results are reliable," Stein said on her campaign website.

"That's why the unexpected results of the election and reported anomalies need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust."

Prominent cybersecurity experts have recently said that although the chances of the election results being tampered with are slim, a recount would be the best way to ensure that results are valid.

—Antonio José Vielma contributed to this story.

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