These stocks are in the Trump economy sweet spot

Donald Trump
Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development sees both growth and inflation picking up under a President Donald Trump. These stocks are the perfect fit for that combination, history shows.

The OECD this week forecast U.S. economic growth of 2.3 percent next year and an inflation rate of 2.2 percent by 2018.

To get an idea of which kinds of stocks thrive under this type of macroeconomic environment, we used hedge fund analytics tool Kensho and found all time periods when GDP was between 2 and 3 percent and at the same time CPI was between 2 and 3 percent.

There have been 14 quarters meeting both these criteria going back to 1981, according to Kensho.

Here are the top-performing sectors: