Cramer's lightning round: Stocks down so low with a flashing buy signal

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Alliant Energy: "No, let's go with the one that I own for my charitable trust that we follow really closely. Let's go with American Electric Power, AEP. That's what you want."

Insys Therapeutics: "Man, you are so speculative with that. Too speculative for me."

Cloud Peak Energy: "Even though I know that President-elect Trump likes coal, it's still too hard for me."

Zimmer Biomet Holdings: "I like Zimmer Biomet. We got this new guy who is going to be the head of Health and Human Services, Secretary Price. But I will tell you this, the quarter was not a good one and I was looking for a good quarter. I would own it, and if it gets back higher, you might have to trim. I did miss that one, I thought the quarter would be better."

Amgen: "Amgen is a very inexpensive stock. I would hold on to it."

KKR & Co: "I think that the stock market is doing better and therefore they are going to have a better opportunity to be able to get out of stocks. I like this stock, KKR."

Impinj: "We like that. We like that, I've got to tell you though, some of these stocks are down so low. I'm looking at Splunk right here, which is actually good. We like this, we like radio frequency but I do prefer NVIDIA in terms of semis right now. I'm sticking with that one."

Dow Chemical: "The Europeans are going to hold that deal [with DuPont] up forever because it involves merging seed companies. I think if they even walked away the stock would go higher. I didn't always think that. My charitable trust owns it and we want a resolution. I say own the stock."

Heico Corp: "I like that stock very much, it's a good industrial stock. I think you're in good shape with that."

Vale SA: "They rang the opening bell this morning. The stock has already doubled. I do not want to deal with a stock that has already doubled. It's up too high."

Universal Display Corporation: "I've done a lot of work on that and you are absolutely right. It is a huge target for short sellers, and I think it's just a battle royale. I think the longs ultimately win, but I've got to tell you, I don't like battlegrounds. I'm going to say stay away, but I do like the company. I'm drawn to it just like you are."

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