Chipotle sentiment turning around, no more complaints of 'throwing up': Social network data

Chipotle restaurant workers fill orders for customers on April 27, 2015 in Miami.
Joe Raedle | Getty Images

Enthusiasm for beleaguered burrito chain Chipotle is making a comeback, according to LikeFolio, which analyzes social network data to find purchasing intent and predict stock prices.

Enthusiasm around Apple, especially for shopping in its retail stores, should be concerning, according to Andy Swan, co-founder of LikeFolio.

"Consumer sentiment has recovered and is starting to move higher" on Chipotle, says the report for LikeFolio clients.

"This is very important in turnaround stories as sentiment usually leads purchase intent. In other words, customers are reacting to Chipotle's delicious burritos again, rather than complaining about throwing up. That's a good thing."

Source: LikeFolio

Chipotle's stock is up 12 percent in the last one month, almost triple the return of the S&P 500. But the shares are still down 30 percent in the last one year.

The latest sentiment on Apple is not going in a positive direction.