Trader bets on more gains for a soaring retail stock

Trader bets on a Home Depot rally
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A large volume of bullish bets in the options pits has one trader jumping on the Home Depot train.

On Wednesday, a trader appeared to buy nearly a large number of call contracts on the home improvement retailer, in an apparent expectation that the stock will rise by more than 9 percent by mid-February.

In the eyes of options trader Andrew Keene, such bullish bets make sense, especially when you look at charts of the homebuilding retailer. The weekly chart shows that the stock is in a "straight bull channel" that will continue to take the stock higher, he said.

"As long as it can get through this 50-day moving average, which is resistance, the next level is $138," Keene said Thursday on CNBC's "Trading Nation."

To play for such a move, Keene is placing his own options trade. He opts to buy the February 135-strike calls and sell the February 140-strike calls for a total of $1.40 per share, or $140 per options spread. This means that Keene is risking $140, and will more than triple his money should Home Depot close above $140 at February expiration.

Home Depot is currently down 2 percent year to date, even after an 8 percent rise in the past month.

Trader takeaway: Andrew Keene is betting on a continued rise for Home Depot by buying the February 135/140 bull call spread for $1.40 per share.