Trump sold all of his stock holdings in June, transition official says

Trump sold all his stocks in June

Donald Trump sold all of his stock holdings in June, a transition spokesman said Tuesday, potentially helping the president-elect avoid some conflicts of interest when he takes office in January.

Aides did not provide documents to confirm the sales.

Trump's potential investment conflicts came to the forefront Tuesday, as he threatened to cancel a Boeing contract for a new Air Force One, saying it was too expensive. Trump previously owned shares of the aerospace and defense giant.

When asked about the Boeing shares, Trump spokesman Jason Miller told reporters Tuesday that Trump "sold all his stock in June."

Donald Trump
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Trump's businesses and real estate holdings around the globe leave the potential for unprecedented conflicts of interest during his presidency, which Trump has pledged to address by handing his businesses to his three eldest children.

Some legal experts have argued that will not go far enough. His children are helping his presidential transition and daughter Ivanka sat in on a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Trump's stock holdings were one part of his presidential decisions that could have affected his personal fortune. For example Trump's proposals to loosen financial regulations and promote American energy production could have boosted some of the companies in which he invested.

For example, Trump's administration could decide on the fate of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, which is operated by Energy Transfer Partners. He held shares of the company earlier this year.

Trump's brokerage accounts also had shares of Apple, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Verizon, among dozens of other companies, as of May, according to a financial disclosure document.