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Johnny Harris: T-­tox

Meet Johnny Harris, 37, He is married to Ruth and has a 3 year old son called Thomas. Johnny has worked as a Personal Trainer for the last 16 years. He works with high-­end and wealthy clients primarily based in London.

Johnny was set to follow in his father's footsteps and become a stockbroker. When he was 18 a medical emergency forced Johnny to have five operations to release pressure on his brain. After months in and out of hospital Johnny decided he wanted to dedicate his life to promoting healthy living and help others realise their fitness goals.

Johnny started T-­tox in 2012, and the business concentrated on the production and sale of loose leaf tea. However after losing money and making no sales he assessed the business and needed a new USP. For the last six weeks, Johnny has been trading with his new USP, Matcha Tea. His business T-­tox, now focuses on selling of his blend of super­healthy Matcha Tea to the fitness market.

Johnny plans to use his time in China to secure a reliable supply of tins for his tea. After receiving damaged stock from a Japanese supplier, he hopes that he can find a supplier who can make a tin with an air tight seal that will arrive on time and intact.

For the future, he wants to concentrate on growing the Matcha business and look to break into the Asian market.

He wants to be a market leader in fitness tea.

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