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Matthew Pope: Addax

Meet Matthew, 23, from Bristol. Matthew is a recent graduate from a degree in Furniture and Product Design. He is living at hope with his parents, adjusting to life after University and focusing on his business idea. He is a big fan of walking the family dog in the countryside, gymnastics and mountain biking.

After watching an episode of "Friends" where Ross couldn't get his sofa up the stairs to his new apartment, Matt thought 'this is a problem I can solve'. After doing research, he quickly recognised his target audience are urbanites who move flat and have an easily transportable and flexible sofa. He also wants to see his sofa in quirky offices and waiting rooms.

Matt's invention Addax is a modular sofa that can be easily constructed and deconstructed, moved and expanded. He has recently designed a corner piece to add to his existing sofa that also includes a USB socket to charge a phone. This year Matt's sofa won the 100% Design award for new designers, and now he hopes to monopolise on his success.

Matt hopes to source all materials and fabrics to manufacture his product in China. He believes he will greatly benefit from visiting China and thinks this is the platform he really needs to launch Addax.

Matt would like Addax to be his full time job, with a team behind him expanding and developing the Addax range.

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