UPS CEO: The US can improve its competitiveness

UPS CEO: We look for ways to advance trade agenda with Trump

United Parcel Service CEO David Abney told CNBC on Wednesday the U.S. can improve its competitiveness under a Donald Trump administration.

Abney also said small and mid-size businesses in the U.S. feel overburdened by regulations.

"And it's not one particular thing," Abney said on "Squawk Box" at the Business Roundtable meeting in Washington. "It can be the cost of health care. It can be tax. It can be the environmental issues. You take all of those issues and and you add them together, it can just be overburdening for a smaller company."

He continued: "A company like UPS ... we're going to have the experts that can focus on these regulations and they can focus on the expectations. But it's much harder for our customers of the smaller companies."

Abney said he is optimistic about UPS under a Trump administration. During his campaign, Trump pledged to cut taxes, repair infrastructure and overturn government regulations that he said killed jobs and slowed economic growth.

"Tax reform. You hear about it over and over, but it's very important to us. Obviously investing in infrastructure." Abney said. "When you have 100,000 drivers on the road, that's important to us. Regulations and being able to eliminate some of the unnecessary regulations."