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Meet the digitally-driven millennials solving Asia's social problems

The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.
Wolfgang Kaehler | LightRocket | Getty Images

Held in partnership with the Nobel Peace Center, the Telenor Youth Forum is an annual program that brings together a 26-strong group of millennial delegates for the purpose of addressing social problems.

Now in its fourth iteration, the program challenges participants to tackle global issues related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - a series of 17 goals aimed at ending poverty and improving environment conservation - through the use of digital technology.

These are the young Asians taking part in this elite gathering in Oslo, Norway, from Dec. 8-11.

Sharad Sagar

Founded when he was only 16, Indian social entrepreneur Sharad Sagar's company Dexterity Global uses internet connectivity to curate educational opportunities and resources for unconnected students living in rural parts of South Asia.

In recognition of his work in increasing education accessibility, Sagar has received numerous awards, including being one of the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Next Century Innovators and a Forbes' 30 Under 30 honoree.

Pannavat Veeraburinon

Pannavat Veeraburinon (C).

Thai blogger Pannavat Veeraburinon is the driving force behind the "This is Me" project, where he uses social media as a storytelling medium to convey to others the real-life impact of discrimination and racism.

Now in his fourth year at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan, Veeraburinon says that his project intends to raise awareness about these issues and to ultimately connect global communities.

Nora Nabila

Malaysian filmmaker Nora Nabila uses film to give a voice to marginalized communities and bring attention to issues such as gender inequality and violence.

Nabila's directorial debut, HAUS, explored the role of women in marriage and was screened in Singapore, Thailand and New York, even though it was banned by censors in her home country.

Rafsan Sabab Khan

Rafsan Sabab Khan.

Rafsan Sabab Khan is the founder of Chakridata, a platform that enables blue collar workers who might not have internet connectivity to find employment in Bangladesh by connecting them with potential employers.

The business undergraduate is also working on a second project, called One Young Network, that will allow young people to earn rewards by teaching others new skills through a mobile app.

Zaw Tu Hkawng

Zaw Tu Hkawng, the managing director of the Rehabilitation Centers for Youth in Yangon, Myanmar, is passionate about youth empowerment. He uses information and communication technologies to teach young people how to better communicate and understand data.

Zaw intends to use Facebook in a new project aimed at connecting local communities and encouraging political participation.

Mehroze Munawar

Mehroze Munawar (R).

Mehroze Munawar is a Pakistani social entrepreneur who uses data science to understand and solving social problems. Munawar aims to localize digital literacy programs to better address communities in Pakistan.

She also intends to provide young Pakistanis with the digital skills they need to better access online opportunities.