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Cramer's game plan: Next week could be your wake-up call that will stop the rally in its tracks

Cramer's game plan: Next week could be the wake-up call that stops the rally in its tracks

As Jim Cramer prepared for the stock market roller coaster to continue next week, he found one event on Monday that could be a harsh wake-up call for investors.

"As early as Monday we get some news that could potentially stop this rally in its tracks, or at least, that's what it would have done not too long ago," the "Mad Money" host said.

The financial system in Italy is on the verge of collapse, and no one seems to care, Cramer said. With this in mind, he outlined the stocks and events on his radar next week.

Monday: Banca Monte Dei Paschi bailout?
Somehow the bank that has survived multiple invasions by France and Spain, Napoleon and two world wars is broke. Cramer will be watching to see if the bank will be bailed out over the weekend, as there doesn't seem to be a plan to save it in its current form. The $48 billion that the bank has in public debt could take a big hit.

"When a bank goes bust in Italy, everyone connected with it gets hurt," Cramer said.

When a bank goes bust in Italy, everyone connected with it gets hurt.
Jim Cramer

Tuesday: 3M analyst meeting
One company that will benefit from an environment of lower taxes and the ability to repatriate earnings overseas is 3M. Cramer considers this to be a core holding, one that can be owned a put away. He expects to hear positive projections at the analyst meeting.

Wednesday: Federal Reserve meeting
If the Federal Reserve announces no rate hike on Wednesday, Cramer expects a sell-off in bank stocks. However, Cramer is ready for the rate hike. He wants to hear that the Fed sees better growth and will tighten even more in the future.

"Chairwoman Yellen, bring on your quarter point hike — we're ready for you!" Cramer said.

Thursday: Adobe, Oracle, Delta analyst meetings
Cramer considers Adobe to be the quintessential internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence play. He anticipates the company will tell a good story.

Now that Oracle has successfully acquired NetSuite, he thinks the combination could be a powerful one in the cloud. However, Cramer is concerned that Workday's soft forecast could mean the same thing for Oracle.

Cramer is a big fan of the airlines right now. Delta is only up 2 percent this year, so it could take off if Delta confirms optimistic trends at the analyst meeting.

Friday: Agco analyst meeting
Fewer groups have been as hot as agricultural equipment stocks on the market. That's why Cramer doesn't think Agco will say anything to stop the stocks upward movement, but he warned investors that they are too late if they just buy the stock now.

"Coming up we have the most fraught week since the election. So let's try not to let your giddiness get the best of you," Cramer said.

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