Execs representing a whopping $3 trillion just walked into Trump Tower

Tech titans meet with President-elect Trump
Tech titans meet with President-elect Trump

Whoa, that's a lot of dough walking around in Trump Tower.

President-elect Donald Trump's mega technology summit in New York on Wednesday hosted leaders of companies that have a combined market value of more than $3 trillion.

That's more than the GDP of many countries, including, the United Kingdom, France and India, according to data from the World Bank Group. Trump's tech guests would rank as the fifth-largest country in the world based on GDP.

Apple, of course, came at the top of the list with a market value of $616 billion. Alphabet and Microsoft followed with values of $555 billion and $489 billion, respectively.

Here's the full list:

Apple — $616 billion
Alphabet — $555 billion
Microsoft — $489 billion
Amazon — $366 billion
Facebook — $347 billion
Intel — $173 billion
Oracle — $167 billion
IBM — $160 billion
Cisco — $154 billion
Tesla — $32 billion
SpaceX — $15 billion
Total — $3.074 trillion

Trump met with most of America's biggest tech companies in an effort to look for common ground after an exceptionally heated and contentious election. The group was expected to discuss U.S. job creation, and how tech firms can work with the government to improve efficiency.

—Additional reporting by CNBC's Nick Dunn