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Cramer's lightning round: The stock that's 'lightning in a bottle'

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

KKR & Co: "I'm a believer. I think it's good because we've got a market that wants to do some IPOs. We need new material."

OPKO Health: "In the end, I've been sticking with it from the low-single digits to the mid, and then it went the high teens and came back after that acquisition, but I still like it. Phil Frost [CEO] is a money maker and I still believe it. I believe in their tests, too. I think they're very good."

Kimberly-Clark: "That one was up about 38-cents and now it is actually down. Why? Because it's a bond market equivalent and people don't like to buy bond market equivalents when the stock market is actually going up. Why? Because the bond market is offering a very safe return ... let's put it this way. Kimberly-Clark is struggling because of the 10-year Treasury and it's going to continue to struggle. And until they start blowing out the numbers people don't want to own it. Great long term, though."

Novartis: "It's down a great deal. If you want a stock that's down a great deal that actually I think may be bottoming, I would rather go with Allergan, which is a stock that my charitable trust owns. Everybody has given up on Allergan and Brent Saunders [CEO]. I think it's a mistake to give up on what I regard to be the bottom, or at least within 10 points of it."

Chemours: "This thing is just lightning in a bottle! The spinoff with DuPont, the stock was down $, it's up at $24. It's up 363 percent! [year to date]. I would say late to the party."

Gulfport Energy Corp: "I saw an offering tonight that I've got to tell you, I really want you to be in, and I'm not going to do this one. I think you should be in FANG — that's right, Diamondback Energy did an equity offering tonight and I think you'll like to buy that one."

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