Cramer finds the perfect 'Trump-free zone' stocks to diversify your portfolio

Jim Cramer reminded investors on Friday that there needs to be another reason for stocks to fly higher outside of President-elect Donald Trump.

"I think it is worth getting some exposure to these Trump-free bull markets, simply because you need to stay diversified," the "Mad Money" host said.

After all, if Republican senators hold Trump's agenda hostage, investors will want stocks that can power higher while that agenda is on hold.

Leading the charge of the Trump-free zone are the optical networking plays like Ciena, Finisar, Oclaro and Lumentum. These are all companies that make components for fiber optic networks to help move huge amounts of data.

"Their businesses are doing incredibly well, ergo, their stocks are going higher. End of story," Cramer said.

Single fibers of a fiber optic cable.
Oed | ullstein bild | Getty Images
Single fibers of a fiber optic cable.
"Their businesses are doing incredibly well, ergo, their stocks are going higher. End of story." -Jim Cramer

The rally in optical stocks represents straightforward behavior that should be coming from normal stocks, Cramer said.

Verizon recently began rolling out 100G optical gear in major metropolitan networks. According to its supplier Ciena, Verizon will be spending an extra $600 million on the deployment over the next few years.

Additionally, there is a tight race going on with telecommunications providers, with each provider trying to outdo one another to provide customers with the most bandwidth. China also is rolling out its own 100G networks, with its government pledged to spend $21 billion to expand broadband access to more remote parts of the country.

"Talk about a Trump-free zone!" Cramer said.

The last driver of growth is the data center, because cloud-based software needs to be stored somewhere with fast internet access, thus, data farms are upgrading to 100G optical equipment.

In short, these companies are riding a massive multi-year upgrade cycle, and it's just getting started. Even better, the stocks still remain fairly cheap.

"These stocks have powered higher over the last month, but this is just the beginning of a brand new cycle and I bet they have a lot more room to run, especially Ciena," Cramer said.

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