Trump’s team is pro-business and pro-bilateral trade, former Reagan aide says

Businesses should welcome Trump’s pro-business agenda: Expert

President-elect Donald Trump has surprised with many of the names that he has chosen for his future cabinet, but, according to a former White House official, the business community should be very happy.

"I think he's appointing a strong team, I think the business community in particular in America should be very, very pleased," Mary-Jo Jacobi, former assistant for the U.S. secretary of Commerce, told CNBC Friday.

Jacobi - formerly an aide to President Ronald Reagan who also worked for the administration of President George H W Bush - said that most of the names are pro-business and pro-bilateral trade, which should favor businesses in the U.S.

The most recent name for the new administration has been David Friedman – a bankruptcy attorney who is now set to become the next U.S. ambassador to Israel.

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Other names include former Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin and Gary Cohn, the current president of the American investment bank.

Though Trump's team isn't fully formed, it is clear that so far he has chosen names close to the business world, even if that means that some lack political experience. But Jacobi defended the involvement of business people in the next administration as a "desire to contribute, to participate in making important change," including revamping the country's economy.

"It's that siren call," she said.

"I think if (the cabinet picks) are strong in their beliefs and they have a strong vision and share the president's vision they won't fail. They will be able to persevere and push through it but the civil service can be pretty rigorous in terms of push back – so it's a challenge."

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