WATCH: In 2007, Trump said he doesn’t believe in hiring people who are smarter than himself

In 2007, Trump said hiring people smarter than you is a mistake

With Donald Trump about to be president of the United States, we have combed through our archive of Trump interviews.

In the process, we found an interesting quip about how he motivates his teams. His response appeared on a CNBC show about billionaires.

The most eyebrow-raising line came when Trump says he doesn't believe in hiring people that are smarter than himself. Typically, managers like to brag about hiring people smarter than themselves.

He also warns that while you have to have good people, "never trust them too much, because all of a sudden, things will start to happen that you're not going to like."

As with many things involving Trump, it's hard to say whether he was joking, or being serious, but it's an interesting clip to keep in mind as he assembles his team to run the country.

Trump's transition team declined to comment.