Mark Cuban: Trump should spend $100 billion on robotics

Cuban says Trump should put $100B into robotics

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says President-elect Donald Trump should invest a portion of his proposed $1 trillion in infrastructure spending toward robotics.

Trump has repeatedly pledged to spend on a variety of infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges and airports, over the next decade.

The "Shark Tank" judge said Sunday if he were in charge of spending, he would put $100 billion toward robotics. Cuban said the U.S. is losing to China in the robotics race.

"Unfortunately, none of the companies that actually make the robotics are based here in the USA," Cuban said in a blog post titled, "Dear Mr President, My Suggestion for Infrastructure Spending." "That's a problem that needs to be solved. We need to help develop domestic companies much like we did the electric car and wind and solar industries. Even if it means trying to help pick winners."

Because technology is never stagnant, the U.S. could find itself dependent on other countries for "almost everything" that will be manufactured, he said.

Cuban, who was a supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton and outspoken Trump critic during the election, has since said it's best to wait until the president-elect takes office before judging him, calling Trump America's "number one draft pick."

Read Mark Cuban's full blog post here.

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