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Bill Gates showers a lucky Redditor with gifts in Secret Santa exchange

Bill Gates may be the greatest Secret Santa

Imagine if you were able to get Bill Gates, billionaire tech entrepreneur and the richest man in the world, as your Secret Santa.

Well, according to a report by Quartz, for one lucky Redditor that dream became a reality.

Reddit user Aerrix Laurel was "flabbergasted" when she received a large package from the Microsoft founder last Friday. Aerrix gave a play-by-play of her surprised and delighted reaction on Imgur.

The Reddit gift exchange, which involves around 60,000 participants worldwide, has brought gifts to strangers' doorsteps since 2009. According to Gates' representative, the wealthiest man on earth has been an active participant in the gift exchange for the past four years.

While there's no fee to participate, guidelines suggest users spend at least $20 on the gift. To no one's surprise, Bill Gates spent well over the recommended amount.

Among Aerrix's "giant" package was:

  • An Xbox Minecraft with three special-edition wireless controllers and a handwritten note from Gates that said, "I love my XBOX and thought you might like one too."
  • A Nintendo entertainment system classic edition
  • A few Zelda-themed items
  • A handful of DVDs
  • And a framed picture of Aerrix and her partner with Gates Photoshopped in the image.

Aerrix was impressed with Gates' thoughtfulness in the gifts, especially with a Cajun cookbook that catered to her Louisiana background and a donation in her name to code.org to help more students learn how to code.

"I'm just blown away by his generosity," Laurel wrote in her post.

You can read more of the report and previous Secret Santa gifts by Gates at Quartz.