Corey Lewandowski starts consulting firm to promote Trump's agenda

Corey Lewandowski
Anthony Behar | Pool | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Republican strategist Barry Bennett have formed a Washington consulting firm to support the president-elect's agenda.

The firm, Avenue Strategies, said Wednesday it will be a "full service government relations and consulting firm" only "a block from the White House." Lewandowski, an early Trump supporter who later stoked controversy as a paid contributor on CNN, said he considered "multiple opportunities" in Trump's administration before deciding to consult.

"It is necessary to have strong, organized groups who can help ensure the president-elect's agenda is achieved. My goal is to make sure the priorities of the Trump administration become reality," he said in a statement.

The formation of the firm aiming to help Trump's policy goals follows a campaign in which Trump pledged to reduce the influence of money in the political process.

Lewandowski had been accused of grabbing then-Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields at a March campaign event in Florida. Prosecutors decided not to prosecute him. In June, he was fired from the Trump campaign and then became a CNN commentator. He left the network after Trump's election.

Bennett worked on Ben Carson's presidential campaign before serving as an advisor to Trump.