Would you like a mattress and pillow with your movie ticket?

Chery Kang
South Korea's luxury cinemas replace seats with beds

Too tired to go out to see a film? A movie theatre in South Korea shows that may be a bad excuse.

You can watch a movie all snuggled up on Tempur mattresses and pillows in the CJ CGV cinema located in the heart of Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea.

Pay 35 dollars and this theatre will take care of welcome drinks, cookies, a movie and comfort. That's mostly thanks to what CJ CGV says is the first global example of Tempur beds with reclining function in a movie theatre. Accessories such as coat hangers and phone chargers just make this luxurious movie-watching experience even better.

"Movie-goers in Korea are wanting more and getting more sophisticated these days so we started off with the idea of providing more than just a movie and offering more luxurious experience to our customers," says CJ CGV General Manager Kim Ji-tae.

And it's not just the movies these sophisticated cinephiles are looking to enjoy. While watching the latest blockbuster, you can get the full dining service from Cine de Chef, an upscale French -Italian restaurant located in the same building.

Reclining Tempur beds at the CJ CGV cinema in the Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.
Jillian Glickman | CNBC

As you can imagine, the occupancy jumps to 99 percent on special days like Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve, up from the average rate of 60-70 percent, according to CJ CGV.

And I had to ask: how often do the sheets get changed? CGV's PR manager Lee Seung-young says they get changed after every two movies during winters and after each movie in the hot summer months. She admits it's a lot of work.

So yes, there is a price to pay for comfort and hygiene. The ticket is 4 times more expensive than regular 2D movie tickets. Lee, who I interviewed just outside of the theatre, says, "If the price is high, then I might feel a bit of a burden. But if it's a special occasion or if you are on a date with your girlfriend, wouldn't you want to try it at least once?" He might be doing just that this holiday season with his girlfriend who was standing right next to him during the interview.

CJ CGV is not stopping with Tempur mattresses. The cinema chain says it plans to continue with such innovation of its theatres. It says it is in talks with high-end furniture brands and airplane model designers (not too sure about how people would feel about watching a movie while sitting on a plane even if it's a first-class seat).

For this cinema chain, it's about having movie-goers stay longer with them and while doing so, spending more money.

And for its customers, it's about enjoying this luxurious, expensive and yet cozy experience with someone who makes the money worth it.

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