These are America’s 10 favorite holiday ads of 2016, featuring Star Wars, Santa Claus - and Frankenstein

Lucy Handley, special to CNBC
Hallmark's ad features 'extraordinary' people
Hallmark | YouTube

A heart-warming ad for a battery company is Americans' favorite holiday ad this year, followed by a retailer's commercial featuring an imam and a priest, and a video for a card shop.

The ads, from Duracell, Amazon and Hallmark, make up the top three most liked holiday ads of 2016, according to TV and video analytics company Ace Metrix.

Duracell's "How the rebels saved Christmas" ad featuring footage from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and a battery-powered R2D2 gift for a girl in hospital touched Americans' hearts, according to Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix.

Duracell's Christmas ad features a sick child being given an R2D2 toy
Duracell | YouTube

"The combination of holidays, philanthropy and a tie-in to Rogue One resulted in a well-liked, visually appealing ad that played into emotion and grabbed viewers' attention," he said in a release.

Duracell's parent company Procter & Gamble signed a sponsorship deal with Disney's Star Wars franchise last year, and it also used movie footage in its Christmas commercial in 2015.

Meanwhile, Amazon has two commercials in the top five, with its "A priest and an imam meet for a cup of tea" for its Prime service coming second. The two men meet at the priest's home and end up buying each other the same Christmas present – knee pads, as they share similar aches and pains from kneeling in prayer.

Apple's "Frankie's holiday" ad ranks sixth, showing Frankenstein singing to children in a snowy square. The spot ends with the line "Open your heart to everyone."

Ace Metrix's consumer panel scored ads based on likeability, relevance and "watchability" and the most popular used emotional techniques to gain traction with people.

Here are the top 10 holiday commercials of 2016.

1. Duracell – How the rebels saved Christmas

2. Amazon – A priest and an imam meet for a cup of tea

3. Hallmark – Extraordinary cards

4. Kohl’s – Give a little more: Charlene

5. Amazon – Christmas gifts

6. Apple – Frankie’s holiday

7. Coca-Cola – A Coke for Christmas

8. Kohl’s – Give a little more: the doll

9. Pillsbury Baking – Holiday

10. PetSmart – Wake up

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