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Turkey, Russia agree on Syria cease-fire plan: Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right) attend 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul on October 10, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.
Dmitry Azarov | Kommersant | Getty Images

Turkey and Russia have reached an agreement on a cease-fire plan comprising the whole of Syria, and the two countries will work to ensure that it comes into effect at midnight Wednesday night, Turkey's state-run news agency reported Wednesday.

The Anadolu Agency, quoting unnamed sources, said the plan would be presented to all sides of the Syria conflict and aims for a cease-fire that would come into force "in all regions" where fighting between pro-government forces and opposition groups is taking place.

Terror organizations would be kept out of the scope of the cease-fire agreement, the agency said, without elaborating on which insurgent groups would be considered terror organizations.

It said a peace process in Kazakhstan's capital of Astana would go ahead under Russia and Turkey's leadership if the cease-fire holds. Anadolu said the two countries would act as "guarantors" of the peace process.

There was no immediate confirmation from Turkey's Foreign Ministry.

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