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Comedian David Walliams dreams up 'crazy things' for Edgar Wright movie

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Comedian and author David Walliams has taken his literary skills to Hollywood, teaming up with film director Edgar Wright to co-write an animated movie.

A feature film which the close friends had a "great time" drumming up "crazy things" to write about, the comedian told CNBC.

"Edgar Wright and I have been friends for a long time. We had a great time writing this movie," Walliams told CNBC's Tania Bryer.

In November 2015, Wright—known for directing the "Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"—confirmed that he would be directing his first animated movie, and also co-write it with Walliams.

When it comes to what the DreamWorks Animation production will be about, the studio confirmed it would be centered on "the concept of shadows". Specific release dates and casting details have yet to be officially announced.

Comedian/Author David Walliams (L) | Writer/Director Edgar Wright (R)
Anthony Harvey/ Kevin Winter | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images

Speaking to CNBC, the comedian said that writing an animated movie had been "fantastically exciting" as to him it feels like the world is seeing "a golden age of animated movies at the moment" with there being "so many brilliantly successful ones" out there.

When it comes to Walliams and Wright's own shadow concept film, they've had a "lot of fun" coming up with new ideas for the animation.

"For him as a film director, (Wright) could write things that would be very hard to do with real life actors, you can do whatever you like with animated characters."

"And for me it was very exciting as well, just thinking, trying to dream up as many crazy things as possible. So we had a lot of fun writing it and the processes are very long."

"We're not sure when it's going to come out, but it's in the works."

Disclosure: DreamWorks Animation is a division of Comcast, the owner of NBC Universal and CNBC.

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