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Cramer's lightning round: The next company Apple should buy

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Sirius XM Holdings: "I like that call, pull the trigger. I think it is an inexpensive stock. Boy do I wish Apple would buy them, but Apple does what it wants to do."

Medtronic: "Medtronic was downgraded today. I mean, now they downgrade it? The stock is off big from its high. I agree with your idea, I like buying Medtronic. I think it's got a good product profile."

Carlyle Group: "I typically do not like these stocks, because we don't really know what they own. But I am predicting a better 2017 because I think the IPO market is going to be unfrozen. And with that, CG can make some money."

TherapeuticsMD: "We have looked at it and we decided that we would bless it only as a spec. Remember, we have seen these stocks completely blow up. When you only have a couple of products or one product. But as a spec, I'm OK."

Sprouts Farmers Market: "We are so worried about the interesting struggle among all the different companies in the supermarket business. Too many are taking shots, I'm not a buyer."

Buffalo Wild Wings: "I feel like we've got to wait for a bigger dip. I'm worried about the restaurant group because of the minimum wage and some costs, and I feel it's kind of rolling over. Let's hold off on that one."

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