Four tech themes will be bigger than internet and mobile, Gene Munster says

Munster's four tech themes that will be 'bigger than internet and mobile'

Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics collectively are going to be a "bigger deal than the internet and mobile," influential tech analyst turned venture capitalist Gene Munster told CNBC on Tuesday.

"We think that those four themes will radically change how humans interact and work," he said in an interview with "Power Lunch," noting that he believes about 70 percent of jobs will be eliminated over time.

Munster, who hung up his hat as a senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray last Friday, has co-founded a VC firm called Loup Ventures that will focus on those themes.

"We think that they will build an absolutely fantastic future for all of us," he added.

The World Economic Forum projects more than 5 million jobs in 15 leading countries will be lost by 2020, thanks to disruptive labor market changes, including the increased use of robots.

Additionally, according to a 2013 Oxford study, 47 percent of U.S. jobs were at risk of being automated in the next two decades.

While Munster is focusing on those four areas, he thinks virtual reality will be bigger than augmented reality, despite the fact that some in Silicon Valley — notably Apple CEO Tim Cook — have an opposing view.

"Once you get to a point where virtual and real worlds are indistinguishable, we think consumers will flock to that."

He also thinks his firm will have a competitive edge. He and his co-founders, Doug Clinton and Andrew Murphy, all have a background in research, and they will send out three research notes a week.

"We'll be able to track these trends better and separately we're going to be able to mold some thoughts," he said. "So we're not the operational experts that a typical VC is but we're going to be more on the strategic side and the tracking side."