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The most speculative stock in the world that everyone wants Jim Cramer to pound the table on

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Western Digital: "Western Digital is at $70 and I think it goes to $85. When we had management on they made me feel even better about the stock than had going in because I like flash memory. I like the Sandisk acquisition, I like them."

Ferrellgas Partners: "There are forces going on in the propane business right now that trade day-to-day ... It is too hard. I would not sell it down here, but you have to understand that the cross-currents in that business are insane."

Twilio: "They are the backbone for a lot of things like Airbnb and for Uber, and we know it went too high. When they did the secondary we backed away from it. I've got to tell you, at $27 I think it's fine. Not pound-table, but I think it's fine. They are great technology."

Realty Income: "No. When they [the Fed] are raising rates I don't want to own Realty Income. I think that a 4 percent yield is just not enough to keep me in that stock. No, thank you. I'm going to pass."

Synergy Pharmaceuticals: "Oh my, this is like the most speculative stock in the world. Everyone wants me to pound the table on it. No-can-do. I'm calling it a spec and I'm leaving it at that."

Adient: "I think that's terrific in light of the fact that we saw those December numbers. And I don't think they are peak numbers. I know that makes me an outlier, but I think autos are still OK."

Avis Budget Group: "Too hard. Don't buy, don't buy. That group is way too hard for this guy. It's way above my pay grade."

HubSpot: "We don't need this, we have Salesforce. Salesforce had a great quarter. Salesforce is still down from when they reported the quarter. Let's not out think this., it's Benioff [CEO] time."

AT&T: "People are telling me it's rolling over, the charts don't look good. Oh give me a break! AT&T is a buy, buy, buy. Very aggressive management now, good yield. I think it's fine. I'm not backing away from Verizon, either, just so we know."

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