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Cramer explains why the legalization of marijuana could hurt GW Pharma's value

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

EQT Midstream Partners: "I like EQT but I prefer Magellan Midstream. My charitable trust owns that one. I feel more confident about the earnings power."

Hormel Foods Corp: "I like Hormel long term because of changes that they are making to be more and organic. But remember, in a Trump rally, it's not a Trump stock."

Basic Energy Services: "I am a guy who believes that you have to buy the highest quality in the business, even if it is more expensive. So, I'm going to tell you that my charitable trust has been buying Schlumberger, SLB, because I am more concerned at most about the idea that oil doesn't go up that much from here."

Chemours: "I think this has made a remarkable comeback from a lot of negativity, and I think that at this point I wouldn't mind taking some off the table. I think it's had too big a run."

Ionis Pharmaceuticals: "Look, I think that there has been a lot of good news here, including a big stake taken. And yet, the stock hasn't been able to do much. I say that says don't buy until we get to a lower price."

GW Pharmaceuticals: "What is concerning about GW Pharma is that all of these states that are making marijuana legal. This is a good company, but ... as one state after another makes it legal, the value of the company will go down. I still like it, but I can't be as enthusiastic given all of these different electoral mandates."

Stag Industrial: "We like Digital Realty, and we like Federal Realty, though it doesn't have that big a yield. I can see getting behind yours, though. It's not an expensive stock and not a lot of risk."

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