Sustainable Energy

Scotland smashed two wind power records in December

Jeff J Mitchell | Getty Images

Wind turbines in Scotland generated power equivalent to all its electricity needs for four straight days, between December 23 and 26, new analysis from WWF Scotland has shown.

Furthermore, on December 24, 74,042 megawatt hours of electricity generated from wind power was sent to the National Grid, a record.

With electricity demand on Christmas Eve 56,089 megawatt hours, WWF Scotland noted that wind turbines generated the "equivalent of 132 percent of Scotland's total electricity needs that day." The environmental group's figures come from analysis of data provided by WeatherEnergy.

"These are two spectacular achievements, which underline the massive progress Scotland is making in securing an ever increasing proportion of its electricity needs from wind power and other clean renewable sources," Lang Banks, director of WWF Scotland, said in a statement on Monday.

Scotland is home to 25 percent of Europe's offshore wind resources, according to the Scottish government, with wind generation in 2015 hitting 14,136 gigawatt hours.

"By reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we're also helping to address the threats posed to people and nature by climate change," Banks went on to add. "That is why we must continue to take steps to reduce our overall energy demand and harness more of what we do use from the wide range of renewable energy sources now available."