You can now sit near the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall … for $3 million

Queen Elizabeth II at the annual Royal Festival of Remembrance, Royal Albert Hall, November 2016

A twelve-seat "Grand Tier box" at the Royal Albert Hall has gone on sale to lovers of the arts for at least £2.5 million ($3.05 million).

Harrods Estates, the property agent, said in a press release Monday that the theater box "is in close proximity" to the Royal Box, where Queen Elizabeth II enjoys pageantry such as the Last Night of the Proms, and is the first of its type to have gone on sale in more than a decade.

"We have witnessed these boxes sell previously to the true lovers of the arts and this time should be no different," ," said Nicholas Shaw, Sales Manager at Harrods Estates.

"I anticipate this will sell to a British investor."

The £2.5 million price tag doesn't even buy the box outright, but the investor will get an 849-year lease to match the lease hold arrangement secured on the building.

Harrods Estates also claimed that boxes of this nature appreciate over time, making them a sound alternative investment.

The Royal Albert Hall's history with the Royal family stretches back to it's opening in 1871 when Queen Victoria opened the venue.

The site was originally to be named the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences, but was changed to the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences in 1867, in memory of her husband.

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