Davos WEF
Davos WEF

China delegation reportedly open to meeting Trump's team at Davos

Chinese President Xi Jinping
Mark Ralston | AFP | Getty Images

China's President Xi Jinping's delegation to the World Economic Forum (WEF) to be held in Davos next week is open to a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump's team, according to the Associated Press, citing a remark made by an official on Wednesday.

The AP article quotes Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong telling reporters at a press briefing that "there are open channels of communication" with Trump's delegation.

The open stance comes despite Trump having berated China in a series of tweets in recent months, accusing the country of protectionism and threatening to impose punitive barriers to its imports.

According to AP, Li referred to such criticism as "unjustified", explaining that "trade protectionism will lead to self-isolationism and it is in the interests of no-one."

President Xi will be the first Chinese president to visit the Davos summit as the country's delegation has in recent years been led by China's Premier Li Keqiang.

The Chinese President intends to use his keynote speech at the WEF gathering to make a bid for "inclusive globalization", according to an article published by Reuters on Wednesday, also referencing Li's speech.

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