Matarin Capital co-founder: Bullishness is at 'uncomfortable highs' and could lead to market corrections

Pro: We're seeing bullishness at uncomfortable highs
Pro: We're seeing bullishness at uncomfortable highs

Despite market optimism over Donald Trump's agenda of being pro-growth and pro-market, Nili Gilbert, the co-founder of Matarin Capital and portfolio manager, is apprehensive toward the bullish attitudes.

"Investors aren't showing the kind of caution you would expect, even in the context of a pullback like we're seeing today," Gilbert told CNBC's "Fast Money: Halftime Report" on Thursday. "When we look at certain sentiment indicators, we're seeing readings of bullishness that are at uncomfortable highs and signaling trading tops. That suggests that even if the agenda goes well, a lot of the trading that's to be done is already in place."

Gilbert said she believes that a correction in the range of 10 percent could occur in the future as a result. Gilbert said if investor predictions were to be correct, then they'd also have to see the macroeconomic outlook improving as well.

"We've got the Fed increasing rates, we've got interest rates rising, even despite the recent pullback, corporations paying more to borrow, a headwind for earnings. We've seen earnings momentum in the U.S. for two years being only in decline with no sign of a turnaround," Gilbert said. "Even if there is a pullback, we want to see some evidence that the underlying macro economic reality is improving as well."