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Cramer's game plan: All eyes on the cheapest stock of the Dow

Cramer's game plan: All eyes on the cheapest stock of the Dow

With earnings season kicking off next week, Jim Cramer has his head in the game, but warns not to buy any stocks that have moved up too much.

However, he will have his eyes on American Express, which he calls the cheapest stock in the Dow Jones industrial average.

"The playoffs are here and there is money to be made in the financials and the industrials and the oils," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, he outlined the stocks and events he will be watching next week:

Tuesday: Morgan Stanley, UnitedHealth, CSX
Morgan Stanley: Cramer expects the company to report a strong quarter, although he is unclear if the market will react as positively as the other banks. He said to use any potential weakness to do some buying.

UnitedHealth: Declared as the biggest winner among the HMOs if Obamacare is repealed, Cramer said to get in on it if the stock comes in after it reports.

CSX: As a major railroad company, Cramer is most interested to hear what the company predicts for the future of coal under a President Donald Trump administration.

"Trump promised beleaguered coal mining states they would have relief from his White House. I think that is a big reason why CSX's stock has been so hot," Cramer said.

Wednesday: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Netflix
Both Goldman and Citi are the most prone to going down after they report, Cramer said, because they tend to come in after reporting a good quarter.

When the trading window opens for Goldman soon after it reports, Cramer expects there will be a large number of insider sales. That is the time to buy it.

Netflix: Now that analysts have beaten this stock down so much ahead of the quarter, Netflix is now in a position where it must blow away expectations—or the stock will get slammed.

"I love the company, I love the stock, but at this point I think you have to say you missed it, simply because so many analysts have already pushed Netflix up. No, I don't think Apple will buy them," Cramer said.

Thursday: Union Pacific, American Express, IBM
Union Pacific: If CSX goes up, so will Union Pacific, Cramer said. However, the company has a large Mexican business, so the stock could be impacted by Trump. Cramer said to take a pass on this stock because of political concerns.

American Express: The stock clearly lags the group, so Cramer is expecting an out-sized performance.

IBM: While the stock is also cheap and has faster growing businesses than before, Cramer doesn't think the numbers will be a real barn burner.

Friday: Schlumberger, General Electric, Inauguration day
Schlumberger: Cramer thinks management will be cautious about 2017, per the usual, but will talk about the need for bigger projects to maintain production growth. He thinks Wall Street will like what it has to say.

General Electric: The industrial giant needs to iron out the details of its merger with Baker Hughes. It needs to pay out more and buy back more stock if it wants to trade higher.

"It may not matter because Friday is inauguration day … I don't know if anyone will care about anything else that day," Cramer said.

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