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Financial outlook split across party lines, survey finds

Dow 20K, Trump & your retirement

We are a divided country, even when it comes to our money.

To that point, 70 percent of Republicans said they were confident the next four years would make their personal finances great while only 36 percent of Democrats said a Trump administration would bring improvement, according to a new survey by Experian, a credit reporting agency.

Partisans are even more split when it comes to how the rest of the country will fare: 77 percent of Republicans said most Americans' financial status would improve while only 19 percent of Democrats agreed.

When you add independents into the mix, the picture behind is a little brighter.

"The majority of the population is fairly optimistic about America's financial outlook over the next four years," said Rod Griffin, Experian's director of public education.

It makes sense that the survey would reflect raw partisan sentiments because it was conducted days after the election, from Nov. 10 to 21, with 1,000 adults of voting age. The survey had a margin of error of 3 percent.

However, when it came to how to approach the years ahead, people regardless of their party had very practical goals.

The most popular changes people wanted to make to their financial lives involved getting a better job, increasing savings and paying down debt.

Here's a graphic from Experian breaking down the top survey results:

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