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Financials have surged to become the best-performing sector since the election, and one market watcher told CNBC there are more gains to be had.

But while many of the big banks may appear overstretched, Todd Gordon of believes that there's better way to play the space: Mastercard.

"The stock has been in a beautiful uptrend for the last several years," Gordon told CNBC's "Trading Nation" last week. Mastercard is up more than 200 percent since January 2012 and hit a new high on Friday.

It's that breakout to the new high leads Gordon to believe that the stock is going to take another leg up, and has him betting on the credit card company in the short-term.

In addition to the stock's performance of late, Gordon noted that earnings at the end of January help propel the rally. To get ahead of the move, Gordon used the options market.

Instead of buying calls—or the right to buy the stock at a specific price—Gordon wants to sell puts, or options to sell. This is because as Mastercard approaches earnings in late January, the stock's implied volatility, or the price of its options, will get more expensive.

Gordon recommended selling the February 3 weekly 109-strike puts and buy the February 3 weekly 106-strike puts for a credit of $1.10 per share. This is a bet that the stock will stay above $108 through the start of next month.