Cramer’s survival guide to riding the Trump rally for the rest of the week

If you are an investor looking to ride the Trump rally for the rest of the week, Jim Cramer says to make sure you muster up a strong level of conviction.

"We are at a moment where there are so many cross-currents, some of which are caused by the president-elect himself, that you will need a cast-iron stomach to run the gauntlet from here through Friday's inauguration," the "Mad Money" host said.

The reason it is so important to have firm belief in stocks in a portfolio right now, Cramer said, is because a "tweet lightning bolt" from Donald Trump could take down a company's shares at any time.

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump
"Come Friday, we will have the most pro-fossil fuel president in history. Don't be whipsawed." -Jim Cramer

Commentary from Trump sent beer and alcohol distributor Constellation Brands soaring on Tuesday. Constellation is the sole U.S. distributor of Mexican beers Modelo and Corona. Shares have been hit hard recently over fears of a cross-border tax to import goods made overseas.

However when reports surfaced that the president-elect confirmed that the Congressional plan to implement the tax was too complicated, Constellation rallied $4 a share. Retailers like PVH, which makes Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein overseas, skyrocketed 6 percent on the news.

Worries then surfaced that if the president-elect disagrees with his own party on this issue, it could derail the pro-business tripod of lower corporate taxes, repatriation of foreign profits and deregulation. If that is the case, it could mean the economy won't be as strong as many expect.

Cramer wasn't worried.

"The president-elect can't help saying these things. He likes a deal. He puts out points and then he negotiates. It's very hard to believe that he won't get his way eventually and I think that interest rates will keep going higher here," Cramer said.

The sell-off in bank stocks on Tuesday made them more attractive to Cramer, not less. He recommended waiting two days before buying any stocks going into the dip.

Oil stocks are also hard to own right now with crude stalled in the low $50s. Nevertheless, Cramer encouraged investors to stay long oil and gas.

"Come Friday, we will have the most pro-fossil fuel president in history. Don't be whipsawed … find something you like that is oil and gas and stick with it," Cramer said.

Ultimately, it won't be the end of the world if Trump makes a comment that is at odds with Congress, Cramer said. His pro-business platform will remain intact. That's why Cramer said to use any weakness to buy stocks that you believe in, especially in the oil and gas space.

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