A 'Game of Thrones' pop-up is serving food in Scotland

Chris Fuhrmeister
A scene from the HBO show Game of Thrones.
Source: HBO

A company in Scotland has launched a "Game of Thrones"-inspired restaurant pop-up that will surely make a fortune. Blood & Wine is serving two nights a week in Edinburgh through the end of February, and the ambiance is complete with swords, shields, and suits of armor on display.

What might one find on the menu at a restaurant that promises to serve "only the finest that the Seven Kingdoms have to offer"? Blood & Wine's signature beverage is "made with sweet cherries from Dorne, rich spiced wine from the Arbor, and Wolfburn Whisky from the far reaches of the North."

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BuzzFeed reports the beverage menu also includes Myrish fire wine (a spicy concoction of white wine, dragon pepper, tomato, and chilli), black tar rum, Arbor gold wine, and Dornish sour red wine. The kitchen is turning out Frey pies and Sansa's lemon cakes. Those who are feeling particularly barbaric can enjoy a cut of pork carved from a whole pig leg.

Linden Wilkinson, a bartender and one of the founders of The Pop Up Geeks (the company behind the venture), tells BuzzFeed he and his partners want Blood & Wine to be a must-visit destination for the show's diehard viewers: "We really do love 'Game of Thrones,' and wanted to attract genuine fans like ourselves. We spent a lot of time on research, sourced the swords and armor from The Knight's Vault (an armorer in Edinburgh) and our bone mugs are made by Abbeyhorn, the official suppliers to the TV series."

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Based on the reaction from social media, it seems the company is having no problem drawing a crowd.

Blood & Wine isn't the first pop-up to take inspiration from 'Game of Thrones' — in 2015, HBO launched an "official" dining tribute to the series in London. That project was called All Men Must Dine, which is a nice pun. The Pop Up Geeks have previously operated pop-ups inspired by "Harry Potter" and "The Walking Dead," a couple of pop-culture icons with massive followings of their own.