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Cramer: The yield on this stock could go down on disappointing Kinder Morgan numbers

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Harley-Davidson: "I don't know how the quarter is going. I think the brand is terrific, it has great brand equity. I do feel that you can own it for the long term, but the short term it has been a rocky performer."

BB&T: "I think that this one is going to come down a little bit because the group is for sale. And when the group is for sale it tends to trade all together. Wait a point or two, and then you can pull the trigger because I really like BB&T."

Achaogen: "That stock is up 36 percent this year. It is a very speculative stock. I just feel like I cannot offer you any comfort to buy a stock that is up that much already since the year began."

Costamare: "I do not like the container ships. This show has not liked the container ships since we started, and we are not deviating."

IDT Corporation: "I have liked IDTI. Why? Because I like self-charging and we know that is something they dominate. They did miss a couple of quarters. I welcome it back. I do like the stock I think it should consolidate with others in the group."

Gilead Sciences: "You've got a downtrodden one alright. You certainly identified that. I do think they need to do an acquisition to grow. I've said that now for 30 points. I've been trying to keep people away from this one unless they did something because while they do make a lot of money, they are not growing."

Prospect Capital: "I know it yields high. I do not like companies where I do not know exactly what loans they have made. I think that stock is too dicey for me. And I do regard the high yield as a red flag. It's not for me."

Enterprise Products Partners: "Nice. Almost 6 percent yield, could go down because of the disappointing Kinder Morgan numbers, and I would pull the trigger. Those guys are very good. They have built a lot of plants, taken advantage of natural gas. They've got a great pipeline network, I like it."

Perrigo Company: "No, Perrigo I think is just too dicey. They have missed, and htey have missed, and they have missed. They didn't take that very high bid like they should have. I say stay away."

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