The US will have a better relationship with Mexico in a year: New presidential liaison Anthony Scaramucci

Scaramucci: US relations with Mexico will improve

The relationship between the United States and its southern neighbor will improve under President-elect Donald Trump's first year leading the nation, incoming presidential liaison Anthony Scaramucci told CNBC on Wednesday.

"I think the United States will have an even better relationship with Mexico one year from now than we do today," Scaramucci said on "Fast Money Halftime Report."

"I think people sometimes underestimate the president-elect in terms of his ability to read people, see people in the way that could create a spirit of a win-win situation between not only the two people, but the two nations," Scaramucci continued.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital announced he had sold his $12 billion hedge fund business to take on the role of liaison to the president on Jan. 20.

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"It's a community outreach department inside the White House. I think it's an intergovernmental agency outreach … where we'll be talking to state and local governments. It's a business outreach — businesses large and small, trade associations," Scaramucci said of his new role.

But the focus, according Scaramucci, will be on "small businesses, middle class families [and] working class people."

Some say Scaramucci's position mirrors Valerie Jarrett's role in the Obama administration as a key confidante, though the former hedge fund chief downplayed the comparison on the Halftime Report.

"I think it's a little bit of an overstatement given Valerie Jarrett's close relationship with President Obama," he said. "Not that I'm not close to President-elect Trump, but we have a whole team of people that I would say are also close to him, so I don't want to overstate my position there."

Scaramucci said he will be meeting with Jarrett and her team ahead of Inauguration Day as he and the incoming administration prepare for their first 100 days.

"She has offered to turn the keys over to me to give me the help that I'm going to need to hit the ground running, which we expect to be doing at, like, 2 in the afternoon Jan. 20," he said.

Scaramucci's ultimate goal? "Let's help the most amount of people with the least amount of drama."

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