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McDonald's customers are fed up with not being able to order McFlurries

An employee serves a customer McFlurries in a McDonald's restaurant.
Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Images

A popular McDonald's dessert is drawing complaints on social media, as many customers report that the McFlurry machine is almost always down, and a complex cleaning process could be partly to blame, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Dozens of disappointed customers have taken to Twitter after being consistently unable to get the dessert at their local locations. As the constant disrepair of some McFlurry machines has come to light, customers have started to wonder if the machines are actually broken or if there is something else going on behind the scenes.

Theories on the elusiveness of a working McFlurry machine vary. Some claim that McDonald's employees simply don't want to make them, as the machine is messy and complicated.

The lengthy cleaning process could be partially to blame as the cleaning cycle takes up to four hours, the Journal reported.

"To deliver the great-tasting treats our customers enjoy, we regularly service our soft-serve equipment during off-peak hours," a spokesperson told CNBC. "Customers who come in during that time may encounter a longer wait time or soft-serve dessert unavailability."

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