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Cramer Remix: Big news about an Apple supplier was obscured by the Trump inauguration

Cramer Remix: Big news about an Apple supplier was obscured by the Trump inauguration

Skyworks Solutions didn't just deliver a blowout quarter, it gave investors a road map to further blowouts, Jim Cramer said.

Apple supplier Skyworks was the market's biggest gainer on Friday, with shares skyrocketing 13 percent after reporting strong earnings and guidance.

"There is now enough business involving mobile connectivity away from Apple and enough of a roadmap of the future toward 5G … that you can see why the stock soared," the "Mad Money" host said.

It was music to analysts' ears when Skyworks management called the quarter "growth and success outside our largest customer," and confirmed inventories are lean.

Don't cash out

President Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017, in Washington.
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Cramer says America just swore in its first pure business president, Donald Trump—and it now marks a brave new world for investors.

While the possibility of a wave of post-inaugural selling of Trump-related stocks did cross Cramer's mind, he quickly realized that it likely won't happen. If Trump is true to his word, then investors could miss out on the potential gains.

Therefore, ringing the register here could be a mistake, he said.

"You shouldn't take the President too literally when it comes to stock picking," Cramer said.

Cramer will also be using a new metric to evaluate companies. It all comes down to whether a stock is or isn't a Trump stock. Cramer expects Trump's agenda of deregulation, lower corporate taxes and repatriation of foreign assets to have a significant impact on the economy and stock market.

On the flipside, when Trump has a problem with a company, he's not afraid to Tweet what is on his mind—something that will put certain industries under fire.

"You will feel a whole lot more comfortable owning the Trump stocks than the non-Trump variety," Cramer said.

However, political cross-currents could either mute or boost companies that report next week, Cramer said.

" tripod are potent as we hit the heart of earnings season. But so are actual numbers. Be ready for real opportunities next week," Cramer said, referring to President Trump's platform of deregulation, repatriation of money overseas and lower corporate taxes. Cramer believes those elements will be good for the stock market in the long-run.

With this in mind, he outlined the stocks on his radar next week.

Tuesday: 3M, Lockheed Martin
3M: Voted by Cramer as one of the stocks that could help the Dow reach 20,000, he recommended buying shares both before and after it reports.

Lockheed Martin: Cramer is interested in seeing if Lockheed will trim its forecast because of the price cut to the joint strike fighter, which was done to concede with Trump's wishes. If it doesn't guide down, Cramer said the stock could fly high.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer provided his take on a few stocks from callers:

Activision Blizzard: "My favorite has always been Take-Two. I've been with Take-Two the whole way. It's got more mojo than Activision Blizzard, but I like Activision Blizzard."

Array Biopharma: "That is a speculative stock. You have got a chance right now to play with the house's money. Take off half, and you'll be a winner."