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Cramer's playbook to conquer Trump's 'protectionist agenda'

Cramer's playbook to conquer Trump's 'protectionist agenda'

Jim Cramer attributed the dip in the stock market on Monday to investor surprise that President Donald Trump might actually carry out his "protectionist agenda".

"If you have any doubts that protectionism is the message, you clearly didn't watch Trump's talk to a whole bunch of CEOs about the need to buy American and hire American or face the consequences of major taxes," the "Mad Money" host said.

Trump's campaign pledge was that he intends to create more manufacturing jobs and bring back others that were lost. After the moves made with United Technologies and Ford, Cramer was not surprised when Trump pulled out on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Unfortunately, money managers weren't ready when Trump made a move and were left scrambling on Monday trying to figure out what stocks will work amid the new political landscape.

A driller, a service company, an oil and gas company, I say go against the futures and buy.
Jim Cramer
Marc Benioff, CEO of SalesForce.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

With the price of oil down on Monday, even with OPEC chatter that production cutbacks are working, Cramer was ready to do some buying.

"A driller, a service company, an oil and gas company, I say go against the futures and buy," Cramer said.

Banks are also winners from Trump's deregulation agenda and won't be hurt by Trump's protectionist talk, Cramer said. However, interest rates fell seemingly out of nowhere, and banks need higher rates to make money.

Trump's protectionist perspective could potentially mean that world trade will be impacted, which could prompt rates to fall further. However, Cramer expects domestic economic growth to be on the rebound in the long run.

Domestic plays were also on his radar, such as Comcast, which could benefit from lower taxes. And with lower rates, housing stocks could also work, Cramer said.

However, Cramer warned investors to be cautious around retail and restaurant stocks. Retailers are getting crushed by Amazon and could feel the pain of a potential import tax.

The one area investors can turn to right now are stocks in the Trump-free zone, Cramer said. Those are companies that do not need Trump, aren't on his bad side and can do well when the economy slows.

Trump-free stocks include FANG, Cramer's acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, and now Alphabet. Semiconductor companies such as Skyworks Solutions and semiconductor equipment stocks like Nvidia and Lam Research also work. The last group were the cloud plays, like Adobe and Salesforce.

Ultimately, Cramer reminded investors to take Trump for his word and suggested that Trump-free stocks like technology or domestic stocks like Comcast could work in a portfolio.

"Or you can take the other side of the trade and use today's weakness in crude and interest rates to buy the banks and the oils at a discount," Cramer said. "That requires some bravery, but sometimes bravery is what makes for the best investments."

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