Cruz sponsors bill allowing governors to deny entrance to refugees

Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz speaks during the third night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ted Poe reintroduced a controversial bill that allows governors to bar refugees from entering their state, The Hill reported.

The bill, entitled "The State Refugee Security Act," was initially introduced last year, The Hill Reported on Tuesday. It would require federal authorities to notify a state 21 days before settling a refugee there, during which the governor can request "adequate assurance" that the refugee is not a security threat. If the federal authorities can not provide this, the refugee will not be able to settle in the state.

"The first obligation of the president is to keep this country safe as commander in chief," Cruz said in a statement to The Hill. "I am encouraged that, unlike the previous administration, one of President Trump's top priorities is to defeat radical Islamic terrorism."

The act echoes the sentiment of President Donald Trump's plan to bar Muslims from entering the United States. While he proposed this plan during the primaries, it is unclear at this time if he still supports it.

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