Cramer says to 'ride the tiger' for these technology stocks in the sweet spot

Jim Cramer is bringing back the tried and true method of "riding the tiger" for Micron, Seagate and Western Digital.

The phrase "Riding the tiger" refers to investors buying a wild, fast and ferocious stock— riding it until they get to where they need to go, then selling it before they get bitten.

"Few stocks embody that wild ride better than the commodity semiconductor names and disk drive makers," the "Mad Money" host said.

These stocks tend to be the biggest boom and bust stocks on the market, with dramatic moves up and down.

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"When these cycles are in the sweet spot, as they are now, you are riding a turbo-charged tiger." -Jim Cramer

Micron is a textbook boom and bust case as every few years it is the best performer of the S&P 500 Index, and then it becomes the worst performer.

Micron is known for dynamic random access memory (DRAMs), which are the most basic commodity used as memory in many PCs. Periodically a tightness of supply occurs, so the company can raise prices, and the stock soars.

Eventually prices get so high that Micron's competitors jump in and flood the market with supply. Suddenly, DRAMs are a lot less profitable, and Micron's stock goes lower.

"If you are riding the tiger, you need to know to get off it long before those new foundries start producing DRAMs," Cramer said.

That was exactly why Micron moved into flash memory, because it isn't as competitive. However, Western Digital's CEO Steve Milligan recently told Cramer that flash pricing has become better, allowing profits to fall to the bottom line.

Western Digital and Micron are now reaping the benefits.

Pure disk driver maker Seagate roared 13 percent on Tuesday after reporting a strong quarter. It confirmed that business has suddenly exploded because of new uses for large scale disk drives.

So, with DRAMs, Flask and disk drives all better than expected, Cramer said they are ready to run.

"When these cycles are in the sweet spot, as they are now, you are riding a turbo-charged tiger. It doesn't matter who is president, as long as there is no new capacity, these stocks will keep roaring," Cramer said.

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