Full interview with Mark Cuban on Trump's immigration order, investing in this environment

Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban shared his views on the challenges the business community faces given the uncertainty around President Donald Trump's latest policies.

"I think the communication is the biggest issue right now," said Cuban, in reference to an executive order issued by Trump to restrict immigration from seven countries.

"When you plan out how you are going to invest, when you plan out whether that's investing in companies, start-ups, or your own company, do you add that level of uncertainty of what might happen if he [Trump] tweets, of what might happen if he comes out with a new executive order, because everything seems rushed," Cuban told CNBC.

"That type of uncertainty is not good for anybody," he said.

Cuban explained why the political tension may create a roadblock for investors and whether it could eventually impact the stock market. He also provided an update on his latest holdings.

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