White House

Trump's travel order front and center at White House briefing

Spicer: President will always put safety & prosperity of country first

White House spokesman Sean Spicer gave a press briefing Monday amid backlash over President Donald Trump's order restricting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The order, which sparked confusion at airports and protests around the country, indefinitely bars Syrian refugees from entering the country. It also suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days and blocks all citizens of the seven largely Muslim countries from entering for 90 days.

Many Democratic lawmakers and some Republicans have criticized the White House for the planning and application of the order, as some lawful visa holders were detained coming into the United States. Others have argued it will prove counterproductive in the fight against terrorism, saying it will send a message that the U.S. does not accept Muslims.

The White House has defended the order as necessary to properly vet people coming into the country and prevent terrorist attacks.

Many Silicon Valley companies and corporate leaders have also denounced the order since it was signed late Friday.